1:1 and Partner Training

‘I had a painful Achilles and was so stiff in the mornings. It’s all gone now. Thank you so much! You are awesome! I never got bored of the sessions.’ Rochelle

If you are currently injured, experiencing medical problems or even if you have not exercised for a long time, I would love to help you. I have been training clients back to injury free days for many years with great results. Many of my clients just didn’t know where to start their fitness journey but with support and encouragement make fantastic progress.

With individual focus and attention on fitness and nutrition, 1:1 sessions are an excellent way to achieve your goals. Break that cycle of injury – exercise – pain – rest and let me show you how to train!

If you are injury free and would like some fitness training or nutrition coaching please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. As well as my injured clients, I also train couples, friends and family who are injury free and looking for motivation, accountability and inspiration! Some of my clients have been training with me for many years as a way of keeping on top of their long-term health and fitness.


Health and Fitness Appraisal $60 (conducted before commencing personal training sessions)

30 minutes

3 session pack $105
5 session pack $170
10 session pack $315

45 minutes

3 session pack $120
5 session pack $195
10 session pack $360

Partner sessions – 30 minutes (price for 2 people)

3 session pack $150
5 session pack $240
10 session pack $450

Bank details: 02-0828-0102939-002

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